Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fan switch!

The thermosensor is broken on the rally car, so I rigged up a toggle switch to manually activate the cooling fan. Check out this sweet-ass illuminated switch I popped into the dashboard:

At first, I tried to put a switch here (and here and here):

But the switch body didn't fit in the molded plastic (oops), so now we have some speed holes. Or maybe pencil holes (FINALLY, my dashboard pencil hole dreams have come true!)

Speaking of which, there's going to be a giant speed hole in the dashboard unless I can find a car stereo at a junkyard tomorrow. There were a bunch of boom-boxes at Goodwill that operate on 12v, so I guess we could duct tape one to the dashboard and splice the wires off of the cigarette lighter. I think one even had a sticker of a unicorn on it.

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