Sunday, May 18, 2008


Hey, you know how in the movie The Neverending Story (don't lie; yes you do) how everything is going to be destroyed by nothingness or something? I think that's what's happening in the upper left of this picture.

Oh wait, no, I guess that's my finger. I can't even be trusted with my own phone. So don't worry- kyle won't be eaten by darkness...YET.

Speaking of nothingness, memo to south Dakota: you should fill yourself in a little bit. With something other than deer and very large cows. Kyle and I decided on giant flaming robots fighting each other near the freeway. If they're on fire, you can enjoy them in the evening too.

We had a little hangover from being drunk off of our to-date success so we slept in a bit this morning, but should end up a little past Chicago this evening.

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