Thursday, May 22, 2008


Egg on our face; we somehow managed to already get lost in Virginia, and are now on our way back to DC to try to figure out where we went wrong. Best part is that we managed to drag our new friends Rich and Katie of MoTown Diesel Divas in our wake of retardedness.

Question: how on earth can a car with four dudes (and 2 iPhones) who are focused intently on looking at every single road sign as part of their daily challenge miss a major interchange?

Answer: ...[awkward pause]... [looking at shoes]... ... [shuffling nervously]... answer withheld.

ANYWAY: did you hear we are now famous? Check out the comments on the Rally Time post below! Through the amazing power of mobile technology, team There Will Be Bacon was spotted and identified on the NJ turnpike! We discussed this at length (not really) and decided that stephanie and kathleen are honorary team There Will Be Bacon "Bacon Bits". Wear that badge with honor, ladies.

More updates, amazing pictures, and harrowing tales of breathtaking adventure later.


Mom again said...

I hope you are "found" again without too much backtracking!

Tricia said...

I found photos of the other cars!
After about 7 minutes of other cars (i swear some pictures are in there 9 times) there is one photo of Team Bacon
check out

Happy sign hunting boys

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry you guys got lost in our state. All I can tell you is, it happens to everyone. There's something about crossing the bridge into Virginia that makes even the most experienced drivers confused and dismayed. It might be a Southern thing.
-Bacon Bit The Younger

The Coleman Family said...

Road signs in the D.C. area just suck. That's all there is to it.