Sunday, May 25, 2008


We are on the road again for the last leg, which weighs in at 470
miles today. Vik and I are currently rolling BRAT style with Hank for
the first stretch, Grant and Jason get a shift exhaust fuming it up
Rich and Katie. Stay awake guys!

We are able to do the challenge today with a little ingenuity and some
help from our awesome new friends, which had helped lift our spirits a

Anyway, it's goodbye Fort Paine and look out New Orleans!

Oh, snd we have some new pictures in the gallery, with more to come.


bugeyerita said...

Hey out there, am I the only one sick of VW's and Beemers being the only photos on the Rally site? Oh, there is also a Subaru. I want pics of smoking cars, not smoking twits. I need to see the Motown Diva and the Brat. Give us out here some idea of what you are riding and if possible at least give us something to break up the monotony of German cars. If you do not want to add to the slideshow just give us a quick blog photo of your savior wheels.

bugeyerita said...

Oops, Is the Motown Diva a German Car? I mean all the other German cars.