Friday, May 30, 2008

There Will Be Bacon, A History

So much for striking while the iron is hot! It turns out that when you get back from an amazing adventure, your employers want you to do things like "work" instead of writing recaps and telling stories. SIGH.

We're still don't have all of our pictures uploaded because someone [read: KYLE] hasn't done it yet. However, what pictures we do have have been ordered and captioned for narrative purposes on a single album available here [link]. (To skip past the preparation part of the trip, start here [link]).

Our friends, The Motown Diesel Divas, have a Flickr album available for your viewing pleasure available here [link].

And of course, there's the slideshow from the official site available here [link]. I think people gave this slideshow a lot of crap, but it turns out that it is not an official event project but rather the entire photo collections of a couple of teams. This is why you see a lot of the same cars and people. In actuality, I feel that There Will Be Bacon is very well represented, and there are even pictures of the car smoking on startup and our invisible car on Day 4. So forgive the seemingly biased attention to certain teams and enjoy some exciting pictures.

We had a myriad of adventures which we could not administer proper justice to with the limited blogging capabilities of Blogger+iPhone, so we opted to not mention at all. I guess we thought this would maintain dramatic tension, but in actuality I think it just made it seem like not that much was going on. ANYWAY, we are going to be recapping these tales of wit and merriment as we can, retroactively adding them into the correct time-line, and linking to them on this post. As an example of how this works and an indication of our good faith in this project:

Seattle to New York Delivery Mission Recap available here [link].

In theory, this will become a comprehensive chronicle of our journey.

As a final word on the rally itself, it was a very well-organized and enjoyable experience and I would highly recommend it to almost everyone I know. The grand prize winners, team Born from Jets, were great people and really deserved it (they even left comments on this blog!) The winner of the Best Beater prize also really deserved it, an old Triumph that lost a quart of differential fluid every 200 miles and had a metal desk top as floorboards.

Best. Vacation. Ever.

ps. [shameless plug]: Rich runs a sustainable home products company called Eco Home Gear which you should check out and support.


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