Friday, May 16, 2008

Ask a Rally Driver

Beginning today, I am starting a new feature in this publication. This feature is called "Ask a Rally Driver". As the name implies, this will allow the adoring public to ask any question they want to be answered, by real, honest-to-goodness rally drivers. Our rally drivers, each certified at the Northwestern America Institute of Rally Drivering (NAIRD) will be happy to answer questions on any subject. Have you ever wanted to know what is most analogous to driving 85 mph on a winding dirt road, in a snow storm over the Ozarks? Then Ask a Rally Driver! Have you ever wanted to how many pairs of socks Grant "Dangerman" Laine is bringing with him on his travels to and from rallys? Will then Ask a Rally Driver! And we all know the public is anxious to know what The Vaults most memorable moment in rallying history is!

To kick off this segment lets start with the first set of questions.

Steven M. (Pocatello, ID): Who would win in a 3-way fight between a Rhino, Hippopotamus, and a 1983 Cadillac Eldorado?
Kyle: Hippo every time

Xavier (Taipei): My question is for Jason: What would you say is your greatest asset in a rally?
Jason: Well that a difficult question, Xavier! On the top of my head I would say it’s a tie between my ability to bewilder my opponents with my nonsensical statements, and my quite acute sense of feeling in my feet. When you can feel every little ridge in a pedal, there is nothing you can't solve. Also, I'm sure my rugged good looks help me in some way as well.

Do you have a question? Post your questions in the comments, and one of our rally drivers will answer in the next installment!


Grant said...

In case anyone is actually interested to know the answer to the sock question, the answer is 1, which is also 1 more than the number of pairs of underwear.

Anonymous said...

Well, I want to keep informed on the progress. The question for the Rally Driver is. If you get lost whos falt is it? The drivers or is it Jason's falt?

Norman (Jason's Unkle)

Tricia said...

I was reading this book this afternoon, and there is a chapter titled "The Bacon Quotient- There's never enough bacon" In this chapter the author tests just how much bacon is enough. She peaks out at 4 lbs. What is the Bacon Quotient of the There Will Be Bacon Rally Drivers? Has you ever tested this? Could this be a possible task to achieve while on this trip??!?! Or would that cost empty wallets and team unrest over the Bacon Quotient winner?

Vanessa said...

People should read this.