Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 2

After a last-minute rush for vikram and I to assemble superman
costumes from material gathered at walmart (btw, did you know there's
a line of clothing at walmart for elderly people called "faded glory"?
You can't make that up), we are off to Newport all dressed as
superman. Our daily challenge today is to have a group photo taken in
front of various public buildings along the way. How is this a
challenge, you might ask? You see, we were given a list of 12 small
towns to take our team photos in, and must only choose 3. Points are
awarded based on how few other teams choose those same towns, so this
has become a 58-team chess match of second-guessing and intense
strategical plotting.

Okay, we're almost to buena vista for our first town (shhh.. Don't
tell anyone). I know we've been promising better updates and more
pictures for a while now, but we haven't had the opportunity yet to
upload off of my laptop. We are hoping our hotel tonight has Internet
access. Anyway, as tricia discovered in the comments a few posts back,
there is a slideshow on the official BABE website that you can peruse
as a taste of the glory that is to come.

So much awesome stuff. Stay tuned!

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bugeyerita said...

Can't wait for the Superman photos. Ah, there is just too many ways to go with this so here is the short simple one: love to my superson and all the other super sons there with him.