Monday, May 26, 2008

Goodbye, BABE Rally

Well, we are in the airport, waiting for an airplane to rip us from our awesome adventure and drop us back into the real world. We had a great trip, made some amazing friends, and made it to New Orleans. We have a ton of great stories which we will be filling into the blog over the next few days, and we uploaded some more pictures to the web albums. Here is an album of the beginnings of our adventure [link], here is an album of rally day #3 [link], and here is an album of rally days 4 and 5 [link]. There will be many more pictures later (I left the camera USB cord in my checked luggage, so we can't get some new pictures off of Kyle's camera, and Jason and Vik have some to add).

It is sad that our car didn't make it the whole way, but it was pretty cool that we crossed the finish line as a team anyway. I can't really imagine the journey through Tennessee being any other way than hitching with the Motown Diesel Divas and Brat Patrol.

Thanks to everyone who has been following our progress and dropping us lines of encouragement. It made it a lot of fun for us knowing that we had people interested in what we were doing and concerned for our well-being. We wish that we could have posted more regularly and timely, but we just didn't get the chances to upload and write that we thought we would.

We'll be home soon!


Brian said...

Great job, Bacon-eaters! I really enjoyed the pics. Though it was sad to see the baconmobile going... going... gone.

chester copperpot said...

such a bummer that the car didn't make it. glad yall did, though.

George said...

Welcome Home Baconeaters!
Great Job!
Thanks for sharing. The picture of Vic arrested brought wonderful laughs from Vic's boss! Thanks for the memories.

Felix said...

It was good to meet you guys on the rally.

Your team had a great spirit and attitude despite the bacon car's weak will to live on. I hope you all make it back for 2009.