Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Monday, ha ha ha

As yoda would say, "be bacon, there will."

We're cruising down the Ohio turnpike, heading east on the last leg of our epic quest to deliver the joy of the baconmobile to the baconmobile-starved east coast. Kyle is driving, which is the first break in our alternating pattern of 340 mile shifts (a tank of gas). This is because since he got to drive through Chicago, I feel I should get to drive into NYC.

So there is this episode of My Name Is Earl where they all somehow think the world has ended so they go camp out in a department store. The next day, the store opens as usual, and Earl and the gang wake up to find people bustling around, shopping. It turns out the world didn't end, and they are NOT the last people on earth. ANYWAY, that's how I felt this morning when kyle and I woke up curled up in the rally car in the middle of a bustling, busy parking lot.

Speaking of waking up in a parking lot, it just occurred to me how funny it is that kyle spent a bunch of time blocking out the passenger side windows so he wouldn't have the sun right in his eyes in the morning when we slept in south dakota. I came out of the rest stop and kyle had rolled up a bunch of his clothes in the windows. The windows faced west. Ha ha ha.

So far the chandelier is a big hit with the toll booth people. (UPDATE: also cops)

Oh, and sorry about the weird format issues we are having. We are blogging by email, and apparently the iPhone email client is addicted to adding break tags hither and thither at its will. The problem doesn't crop up if we use gmail on the web browser, but then we can't add pictures and stuff. SIGH! Why is life so hard? Geez! Anyway, we have been sporadically editting the breaks out of the posts in the HTML editor, but it's kind of annoying, so we might just wait until we can bust out the laptop in NYC (or get Jason or vik to do it HINT HINT)

Alright, I have to get back to enjoying the open road and SOMEONE (read: YOU) has to get back to work. Suckers. Mwa ha ha.


chester copperpot said...

i really love that racing stripe. reminds me of my homeland.

The Coleman Family said...

Have fun on I-80 in Pennsylvania. It's like Montana without the scenery.

Grant said...

ha ha ha ha, Best. Comment. EVER.

Also, best blog ID ever.

"I have the key to One-eyed Willie."

Ha ha ha, you get 5 points.

S.A.M. said...

So, the car was a dollar, how much was the paint???

This blog was the highlight of my monday morning, thanks guys!

Grant said...

The paint itself ended up being about $20, but I bought some brushes n stuff, so let's call it $25. The paintjob is so sweet it is worth 25x the car. Best. Paintjob. Ever.

Courtney said...

Cops? Did you get a ticket? Why isnt anyone else as curious about this?! I'm glad the chandelier is a hit... I have def felt the lack of glam in my life since it left. :P