Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Motown Diesel Divas

Rich and Katie posing with gas pump as part of our daily challenge.
Because of these guys and Hank, team There Will Be Bacon will be
completing all of our challenges (sans car). Best. Rally friends.
EVER. We'll have a better post on these awesome people later, when we
finally manage to get caught up on this whole blogging thing. Needless
to say, these guys saved our bacon on this trip.


George said...

There's just something about the Motown Diesel Divas that you just gotta love. You guys make me proud! This car is gonna get you to the big easy in style!...just remember to keep the windows open!

bugeyerita said...

Make sure they have all the bacon they want. In fact payforward even more bacon. Gotta love a Motown Mercedes.

Hank, Rich and Katie you belie your handles. Go Divas and Brats, and go Team Bacon you really did pick a great adventure.

Rona(mom) said...

Sounds like the death of the baconmobile has added to your fun and adventure rather than taken it away. New friends. Different twists and turns. Much fun. It's been a fun ride from here too. We've been a captive audience--what will we do with ourselves when we don't have the babe rally to follow?

George said...

You guys must be celebrating or fixing a tire on the Brat!!
Give us an update dudes.

Stephanie said...

Your dedication is awesome. I must know more about this race because I'm jealous.