Sunday, May 18, 2008


Hello people! Please help us fight off the boredom of driving with one crappy speaker and spotty phone coverage. What we need from you is simple - find us cool stuff to do between Minnesota and Chicago. Know of a great bar or a can't miss roadside attraction? Email us! We have gotten a couple great ideas already, but we thirst for more. MORE!!!


Connie said...

You can stop by the Wisconsin Dells and visit a waterpark...there are about 6 "resorts" that each call themselves the biggest waterpark in america. There are also restaurants and bars along the main drag at the Dells exit.
Another spot I've always wanted to is the Dejope. It's this casino/bingo spot (I think). It's right along side of the highway, but I can't remember where exactly.

Ian said...

The Burwood Tap
724 W Wrightwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 525-2593

Ian said...

Curd Cups!!!!

Kyle said...

The Ringling Bros. Circus Museum in Baraboo. Just about anything in Madison (smut and eggs!). Mount Horeb (about half an hour west of Madison) has a Mustard Museum and the Trollway.

You could say hi to my grandparents in Beloit. At least stop in there and take a picture of the largest can of Hormel in the world. Thats right, the world. You'll be on I90E/I39S, about to hit Illinois, when *BAM* giant can of chili.

Lisa said...

I should have lent you my Roadside America book!! It's a guide to the likes of the World's Largest Ball of Twine, the Spam Museum, etc.

And sadly, you've already passed the Spam Museum. It was back in Minnesota.