Wednesday, May 21, 2008

There Will Be Bacon UNITED AT LAST

Vikram and Jason made it safely into New York this morning, and team There Will Be Bacon has been taking the city by storm. We'll have more awesome tales of adventure to cradle your brainfruits with later, but right now we are off to Staten Island to get all of our rally check-in responsibilities taken care of, and to network with the other rally-ers.


noisy penguin said...

You all look so...confused. Or maybe concerned. I will assume it's because the sun is in your eyes, and not because you have any fear about the baconmobile exploding before you get to New Orleans.

George said...

Way to go guys! the way...even if the car doesn't make it past the NJ are totally successful!!! Have a bacon good time.

Meghan said...

Oh look at how cute and excited you all look! Kyle, New York loves and is really embracing your Jerry-curl. Own it.