Saturday, May 24, 2008

There Wont Be Bacon

There Was Bacon.

I would be lying if I said I hadn't grown extremely attached to the baconmobile over the last eight days and 3700 or so miles. While I knew this painful parting would come eventually, I thought I'd have more time to prepare myself.

The baconmobile died today at 11:00am EST. It is survived by Grant, Kyle,Jason, Vikram, and thousands of epic memories. It rides now on the highway in the sky; a land where valves always seat properly and the crankcase is always full.

Team There Will Be Bacon are now hitching rides into Fort Payne with the nicest people on earth, Rich, Katie, and Hank. Kyle and Jason are rolling with the Motown Diesel Divas in their sweet rusty Mercedes, and Vikram and I are rolling with hank of Brat Patrol. I am writing this post from the back of a Subaru Brat.

Life goes on.

RIP baconmobile. I think it would be appropriate if people wanted to pay their respects in the comments.

Well, time to go. The ragtag caravan of the diesel divas, the brat patrol, and the long lost longshots are lost in Tennessee and I must focus on having the distinct pleasure of cruising in the back of the Brat over windy dirt roads.

Best wishes to everyone at home.


bugeyerita said...

I am at the computer sobbing. I never had the chance to pat or hug the trusty steed that carried my son across the nation, but my grief is real. I cannot imagine the devastation that Team Bacon is experiencing now.

Thank you Divas and Brats. I appreciate your kindness and support in this time of grief.

I did not have bacon with my eggs and toast this morning. I think I will need a little time to mourn.

Remember that there is no failure in trying. )---_

Courtney said...

wow. I am speechless. I never got to tell her how much she meant to me. I mean, I showed her my love the best I could. I gussied her up, but I couldnt see that she was hurt on the inside.

Keep us posted on the rest of the race. I still think the whole thing is awesome and that you are my heroes!

Rona said...

So sad... I will never look at bacon the same again. Hope you had time to give the baconmobile a nice "burial."

noisy penguin said...

I will think of the ill-fated baconmobile every time I eat bacon. Maybe I'll make those bacon cupcakes for the memorial service.

aunt tami said...

I just got the news. I am heartbroken.
My thoughts are with you, Team Bacon. Just know that the bacon mobile brought so much laughter and fun to so many people, and I'm sure admiration from the other cars in the competiton.
Now a few tears, as she floats to her final resting place in that sweet little race car part of heaven, where she waits to give Team Bacon a ride once again.
And if you keep eating so much bacon, that may be sooner than you think.

Gordon said...

Wow, this is truly sad. I will observe a moment of silence before I eat my next bacon wrapped steak rumaki with a whiskey reduction sauce that Denise makes for me. Next poker game we shall all remember the BaconMobile in this way.

Brian said...

Even though I knew that the BaconMobile were a Fragile, yet beautiful animal- nothing could have prepared me for the sad news this morning...
Still I can't help but recall a remarkably eerie yet tender moment the BaconMobile and I had while I was blocking in old english script. I could have sworn that while I added the final piece of flair to the passenger side "W" baconmobile whispered a faint "Thank you" to me. I think somehow she knew that this would be her last ride and she was grateful to be gussied up one last time...
I don't think it is a mistake that at breakfast this morning, three of your seattle side bacon-mates did not feast upon hi-life bacon. I think somewhere in the astral plane, the bacon mobile was whispering, "abstain from bacon, in memory of me". And we listened.

Farewell...and rest in peace.

Kyle said...

What a sad day. What did you do with the mortal remains? Cremation? Burial?

Stephanie said...

I only knew the Baconmobile briefly, somewhere near I-495 in Maryland, but in those brief moments, I grew to love the Baconmobile. The road is a sadder place without her on it. I know I'm a couple of days late with these messages, but my condolences to you all in any case.